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Cutting-edge neuroscience research and development (R&D) activities at Vital Tones.

Unveiling Breakthroughs in Neuroscience


At Vital Tones, we are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions in neuroscience. Our goal is to develop non-invasive technologies to treat neurological and psychological disorders, significantly enhancing global health outcomes. Here, we unveil our latest breakthroughs and innovations in neuroscience research.


Published Reports


Our recent case report details the successful reduction of a porencephalic cyst and the revival of motor control using Deep Brain Sound Stimulation (DBSS). This novel approach shows promise in treating complex neurological conditions. Read the full report [here].


Review Stage


Our latest research paper, "Advancing Brainwave Therapy: Precision Stimulation with Deep Brain Sound Technology," is currently under peer review. Preprint available [here]. This rigorous process ensures the validity and reliability of our findings. This article explores the methodological approach of DBSS, highlighting its potential in treating neurological and psychological disorders. Stay tuned for updates as we advance this promising field.


Upcoming Research


Three indications are now in stage 2 for further validation:



Exploration Studies


With sufficient resources and scientific backing, our long-term vision includes exploring the brain's immune control center. This groundbreaking discovery could revolutionize our understanding of brain function and lead to new therapies, opening new avenues for treatment and improving overall health outcomes.


Future Directions and Conclusion


As we move forward, our focus on extensive research and clinical trials will be crucial in fully validating DBSS's safety and efficacy. Interdisciplinary collaboration will enhance our approach, integrating DBSS with emerging neurotechnologies for comprehensive treatment solutions. We believe DBSS has the potential to revolutionize therapeutic practices and cognitive enhancement, significantly impacting the treatment of neurological and psychological disorders.


Through continued research and collaboration, we aim to realize this potential and make a significant impact on global health. Stay connected with us for the latest updates and advancements in our research.




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