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Pioneering Neuroscience at Vital Tones


Since our inception in 2015, Vital Tones has been dedicated to advancing the frontier of neuroscience to improve the lives of individuals affected by mental and physical health conditions. Our primary focus has been on extensive research and development (R&D), dedicating our resources and expertise to pioneering innovative therapies that make a meaningful impact on global health.


Pioneering Therapies:


At Vital Tones, we are at the forefront of developing transformative therapies that harness the power of brainwave modulation. Our flagship technology, Deep Brain Sound Stimulation (DBSS), represents a significant advancement in brainwave therapy. DBSS utilizes external auditory stimuli to induce frequency following responses (FFRs) in brainwaves, offering a tailored and targeted approach to brainwave entrainment. We have developed over 100 treatments for both medical and non-medical indications, many of which have been validated through user experience and surveys. Our continuous innovation expands the possibilities of our therapies, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of neuroscience.


Advancing Neuroscience:


For the past nine years, Vital Tones has operated primarily as a research and development (R&D) company. Our mission has been to refine and perfect our technologies and therapies through rigorous testing and user feedback, rather than focusing on immediate commercialization. This dedication to research has allowed us to build a robust foundation of scientifically-backed, innovative treatments.


Join Us in Our Mission:


We invite collaborators, partners, and supporters to join us in our mission to revolutionize brainwave therapy and improve the lives of millions worldwide. Together, we can drive innovation, foster collaboration, and pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in neuroscience.


Thank You for Your Support:


We extend our sincere gratitude to all our supporters and partners who share our vision and contribute to our journey of discovery and innovation. Your support fuels our passion and drives us forward as we continue to explore new frontiers in neuroscience.





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