The strength of scientific evidence is determined by the quality and reliability of the results obtained. In the case of our therapies, the results are clear and can be accessed through user reviews. We encourage others to leave their own reviews to help others feel more comfortable about trying our therapies. Can it really be the simple at-home App I was looking for?By April BraughThis review is for:  Vital Tones VertigoSo far, so good. My Vertigo is triggered by heat, which seems to weaken me, followed by allergies, then migraines, and-finally an attack of Vertigo! This is bringing me apparent relief, taking about three days for me to gain substantially from it. But I had little except anti-histamines to help before now! I could use this technology for other things as well and especially am pleased at the price. Thank you for working for the health of people. It means a lot to those who hear about it and who suffer in despair.  Amazing these work!!!By MMMichele (Smiths Grove, KY)This review is for:  Vital Tones Deep SleepThese really work & help deepen sleep.  I've tried lots of suggested remedies and the best thing I've found is an app called Vital Tones RLSBy Holly (Rockford, IL)This review is for:  Vital Tones Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)  Good work guys. Keep it Up!By Manoj ThakurThis review is for:  Vital Tones AnxietyI upgraded to the Pro version within 2 days of using the free version. I believed what I read. Their support was responsive. It is 8 days or so that I have been using it as advised and it is working for me. They have told me to use another 10 days and report. I guess my anxiety/stress, etc is going to be only better. Good work guys. Keep it up!  BrilliantBy wolf316This review is for:  Vital Tones Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)Good app .i have had rls for long time medication only just helps but this does help i find the pro version a little expensive though  So far... Very impressedBy VitheavymomThis review is for:  Vital Tones FibromyalgiaI have fibromyalgia and lots of uncontrolled pain. Specially at night. The pain makes it very difficult to sleep. After only one use of this app, I slept the best I have in weeks! Woke up with less pain. It says it takes 10 days for full effect... I will continue to use this app for sure. The sounds are pleasant and feel good. I really enjoy the sessions! Worth a try for sure! Try the free session first! That's why that have a free session!  Life changerBy MichaelThis review is for:  Vital Tones Pineal GlandI enjoy this app. The concept of this app is new to me, but it makes sense. I know brain waves can be changed and influenced. I find this app easy to use. It does not take much of a learning curve to feel like I had a handle on this. I will say this is much better with headphones, so keep that in mind, but other than that it is not very nit picky. Allow it to take time, as the brain does things sometimes slower than we would like, but I believe it has been effective for me.  RelaxingBy AliciaThis review is for:  Vital Tones Deep SleepLove this deep sleep. It's very relaxing and helps me clear my mind.  Cool!,By KarivetheThis review is for:  Vital Tones Astral TravelI had the feeling of falling two seconds before finishing part one. One of the best binaural I've heard, I ended up feeling out of my mind for a while. Too bad they charge the second session ... for that there is YouTube; P  It worked for me on the first tryBy ~Z~This review is for:  Vital Tones InsomniaShockingly I fell asleep without taking anything orally like I usually do. I did replay twice because I didn't think once was going to be enough, being I have chronic insomnia. I was pleasantly surprised and will order the regular version. This one is a free trial which is fair.  I highly recommend it to anyone with sleep issuesBy Amazon CustomerThis review is for:  Vital Tones Deep Sleep ProEarbuds go in and sound goes on. Minutes later I'm sleeping. This app has helped me sleep sounder and longer. I highly recommend it to anyone with sleep issues. Use it with a good attitude and it will work.  It shuts down my brain and I can thankfully sleep.By TomThis review is for:  Vital Tones Deep Sleep ProI have a variety of sleep apps and music albums on my Kindle Fire HD and my iPhone. This is one of the top three I reach for consistently and I am always on the hunt to find new ones. I have to rotate through different sounds over several nights to get my brain entertained and on some nights, I have to switch between programs and sounds till I find one that will take me under. I smile when I hear this one go on. My brain likes it, and I like it because it shuts down my brain and I can thankfully sleep.  Wow!!!By Mr, MzchfThis review is for:  Vital Tones AnxietyFrom total skeptic to total believer. I downloaded the free version first and the results were indisputable. I immediately noticed a decrease in my anxiety the first time I listened to the tones. Still the skeptic and knowledgeable about placebo effect, I continued use with total critical skepticism, and the tones continued to help keep my GAD at bay. I am now convinced that these tones actually do reduce anxiety and the effects are enduring with booster sessions throughout the week. I'm working with my doctor to reduce and hopefully discontinue my anxiety medication in part thanks to this app. Oh, by the way, I'm a psychologist by trade and I'm completely convinced that these tones harmlessly reduce my anxiety.  AAAA++++ NEWS MATERIALBy MeenimooThis review is for: Vital Tones Borderline Personality Disorder BPD ProWow this is my favourite app on my phone. It really works and is worth the money to pay, it is very invigorating and uplifting. I believe it really helps my BPD. Please keep up the great work.. This needs to be put on the news!!  Excellent toolBy JudyUKThis review is for:  Vital Tones Emotional Intelligence ProI found this tool to be extremely powerful. I consider myself to be very self aware as a starting point. The therapy definitely took things to the next level. My ability to separate myself from my emotions throughout my day has increased significantly, and my relationships and interactions with others has improved dramatically. I'm really relaxed, open, patient and listening with a heightened sense of awareness mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It's absolutely wonderful. Beyond the words that others are saying, I'm able to take in all of the person including their energy, body language, words's like communicating at a whole new level, wow. Thanks so much. I never would have expected such a simple program to have such profound affects. I'd highly recommend to anyone, including top management executives looking to enhance their people skills.  More of an Organization than a Business,By Amazon CustomerThis review is for:  Vital Tones ADHD-Adult ProI have been using Vital Tones Adult ADHD Pro for 1 week. Although subtle, so far, I have noticed improvement in my cognitive functions. I "feel" better. I have paired listening to the 3 sessions with meditation. The meditating is also new for me. The 5th star is given because of the excellent, generous, kind and timely support given to me from Vital Tones...  If it is you against you in the markets, this is helpful!By Manoj ThakurThis review is for:  Vital Tones Investor Skills ProIf you have a system or method that works in the market and have been struggling with yourself to be able to collect what your system generates, this is the right app for you. It helped me alter my fears, frustrations, greed & boredom to be able to execute my trading system as it was meant to be executed. To quote Ed Seykota "It is you against you in the markets". This app helps you resolve that tussle with yourself. Good work guys!  I'll be works.,By L. Lee BoswellThis review is for:  Vital Tones Deep Sleep ProIt sees me that this works but it does! I'm impressed. Now if I could just find comfortable headphones to sleep with on....  By BingmiisterThis review is for:  Vital Tones Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD ProThis is a top notch app, if u r tired of living with OCD. U gotta wear high quality headphones. The inn app purchase may seem alittle expensive, but I promise it's worth it. Follow the instructions and be amazed.  Merci,By ValecktraThis review is for:  Vital Tones InsomniaI use it already for 9 days, I slept deeply 8 days out of 9. I sleep without looking back, without looking at the hours passed one by one. I have not slept so well for years. Thank you  Wow Amazing,By MeenimooThis review is for:  Vital Tones Borderline Personality Disorder BPDWait till you get the paid version which isn't very much, this app is so uplifting., it helps my BPD.. Thank you..  Extremely intense meditation,By Rob1746This review is for:  Vital Tones Astral TravelThe sessions this app offers are extremely intense and contain the most powerful frequencies I have ever experienced in my life. As the session runs you progress through different mind-altering frequencies. Each frequency transition increases my body temperature and effectively results in extremely intense vibrations and tingling. As the session progresses through peak frequencies I hallucinate vividly and experience large amounts of closed eye visuals. My body temperature increases rapidly and become elevated outside of the physical plane. Each frequency peak generates a large amount of Chi energy in my hands and I experience shaking and vibrational effects. The sessions this app offers are extremely powerful and unlike anything I have ever experienced.  By Carlottaandfrancy supercoolThis review is for:  NeuroX Female OrgasmWow. It works  By Rosa MosqetaThis review is for:  NeuroX FluIt is the best way to cure biotechnology is a better experience  By Koray YamanThis review is for:  NeuroX StutteringWhen you only use the trial session for 1 week, you will notice the change in your speech.The NeuroX method is trying to stimulate and repair problematic networks and areas in stuttering. It is the only effective method to permanently correct problem areas and ensure the fluency of speech! Your confidence will increase as you speak, so you will be more comfortable with the symptoms that will trigger your speech psychologically.  By molly hazbinThis review is for:  NeuroX Borderline Personality Disorderhonestly this calmed me down so quick. im not really a believer that lights can help me with my BPD but this calmed me immediately. i feel like it numbed my brain from any other emotion aside from relaxation and joy. if i had the money i'd but the other sessions. and if i could i'd give this app ten stars instead of five. thanks!