Can I use different sessions on the same day?

No. Give your brain adequate time to focus on one activity and put all its efforts into fixing one problem at a time.


Can I use the same session multiple times on the same day?

Yes. This can augment the therapeutic effect, especially if you couldn’t concentrate and relax during the first time.


I have many different disorders; how should I use different treatment programs?

One at a time. Choose which has the most priority first.

Many disorders coexist. The treatment program for one can have a positive effect on the other.

Please use a treatment till you feel it reaches the maximum of its positive effects.

After that, you can start a new treatment while decreasing the frequency of sessions for the first treatment.


How effective are the free trial versions?

You may experience positive effects when you listen to the free trial versions. However, these were primarily designed to test our technology, get a sense of what the full session feels like, and perceive the specific effects on the targeted brain area.

Each session is different. Some can stimulate brain areas, while others influence different body parts. You are welcome to try several free sessions.

Our physical trial sessions are particularly helpful. You can easily feel the sensations.


I’m not sure if I should purchase the full version. How can I trust Vital Tones?

App users have always been able to report issues they’re having with an app, including whether it contains offensive or illegal content, or whether it was attempting to fraud consumers out of their money.


Apple for example has certain criteria that must be followed when publishing apps.

- Medical apps used for treating patients are reviewed with greater scrutiny.

- Apps behaving in a way that risks physical harm, will be rejected.



Vital Tones exists since 2015 in the Apple appstore and has never received a call from Apple nor our paid users posing a harm.


Through continuous updates and quality improvements, our 8-year average refund requests percentage decreased from a very low 1.4% to even 0.5% last year.


This means 99.5% of our paid users don't feel or see the need to ask a refund for any reason.


We are also pleased to announce the publication of our first peer-reviewed scientific report here.


What does it mean if I don’t feel any effect?

- You might have an incompatible headset.

- You might have a hearing disorder

- Some drugs/medicine or alcohol can decrease the effects

- Sleep deprivation, tiredness or simply low brain energy can decrease the effects


How do i know if i have a compatible headset?

You should be able to hear this low frequency sound:




If you can't hear anything we recommend to use a large headphone. Any affordable large headphone model of known brands like Sony, Philips, Seinheiser with a standard frequency range of 20-20.000Hz will do.

DJ headphones or headphones with extra bass features are not recommended!

If you have a good headphone and still can't hear the sound you might have a hearing disorder.


I don’t understand the frequency of use.

Therapies with 2 sessions:

Day 1 session 1, day 2 session 2, day 3 session 1, day 4 session 2, day 5 session 1 etc.


Therapies with 3 sessions:

Day 1 session 1, day 2 session 2, day 3 session 3, day 4 session 1, day 5 session 2 etc..


In 10 to 15 days you should experience significant improvement in your symptoms.

Continue listening to the sessions daily till the sessions effect reaches its maximum potential.


Maximum potential is reached when there is no further increase in positive effects.


After reaching the maximum potential you can do a set-back test by stop using the therapy for few days and feel if your symptoms return or not. If not you can go to the next level using the treatment, one session every 2 days.


Level 1: every day one session.

Level 2: every 2 days one session.

Level 3: every 3 days one session.

Level 4: every 4 days one session.

Level 5: every 5 days one session.

Level 6: every 6 days one session.

Level 7: every 7 days one session.




Therapies with 2 sessions:


Therapies with 3 sessions:


Duration of use can be different for each user. You may need to make a personal timetable.


Why are the therapies only available as Apps and not on another media or CD?

We temporarily offer mp3 format, however, we recommend using the apps.

Apps are easier to use and update.


There is no sound, the app is not working.

There are many devices with different OS versions and background apps which can be the cause of the problem.

- Remove all the background apps, restart the device and try it again.

- If the problem persists, delete the app and reinstall it.


What are the dangers of using brain wave entrainment?

There are no major dangers to be concerned with unless you are: prone to seizures, under 18, epileptic or pregnant.

Users listened to our therapies more than 2.000.000 times. No side effects or complications were reported.


How can we help Vital Tones?

We are a small entity and would appreciate donations to improve our treatments even more and launch new remedy programs.



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