Vital Tones Covid-19

Vital Tones Flu / Covid-19

Vital Tones Flu is a powerful brainwave sound treatment for Influenza, Immune and Respiration Problems.


Our treatment optimize your immune system into a maximum state to prevent and fight against any respiratory viruses.


Session 1 stimulates melatonin of the respiratory systems to elicit anti-inflammatory and immune modulatory effects.


Melatonin has the potential therapeutic value to enhance immune function in aged individuals and in patients in an immunocompromised state.


Session 2 stimulates the immune system of the respiratory systems.


Each sessions is 30 minutes.


Please check further our website for other important treatments you might need due to isolation.

Recommended: Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Motivation, Self-Esteem, Self-Awareness, Astral Travel and many more.


We wish you well, patience and care,

VT Team



Used sources to make the Flu Corona Virus therapy:

Listen this session (with ear-/headphone) and experience the sensation of your lungs as a proof how effective our technology is!


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