Vital Tones is a research and a production studio which develops, designs and supports a wide range of products and services related to brain wave therapies.


Through years of working in sound and healing, we made great efforts in research of brain waves technology to find the universal sounds which will assist in all aspects of enhancement and healing process.


It has taken our team a number of years to research and test many sounds and we have made some amazing discoveries.


For the first time in modern day technology, Vital Tones presents a patented brain wave entrainment technology, which can

stimulate specific parts and areas of the brain.



We have made an introduction video as a proof our technology works, which stimulates and activates a known brain part by many,

The Pineal Gland :




Vital Tones presents a historical brain wave entrainment method. The technology, which has a far more reach of measuring, finding solutions to enhance any brain function and to treat all kinds of brain disorders.




Get ready for a total natural healing.


Enjoy your explorations...