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Vital Tones is a production and research organization that specializes in designing and supporting

Deep Brain Sound Stimulation (DBSS), a range of brain wave therapies.


For Deep Brain Light Stimulation (DBLS) please visit here.


With years of experience in sound and healing, we have conducted extensive research into brainwave technology to identify universal frequencies that can aid in enhancing and healing processes.


Vital Tones offers a cutting-edge brain wave entrainment technology that has the unique ability

to stimulate specific parts of the brain, a feature that is not found in any other modern-day technology.



We are excited to announce that our first peer-reviewed scientific report is now available at the following link:


We also invite you to view our introduction videos as proof of our technology's efficacy:







Vital Tones offers a groundbreaking brain wave entrainment method with a rich history. Our technology has a far-reaching capability to measure and find solutions for enhancing or treating any brain function.


Prepare for a transformative natural healing experience.


Enjoy your explorations..